"Cushion brings a unique fresh HR approach to our organization    
 and is a seamless extension of our team."

- Cindy Brewer | Principal, LEO Events




Let's build your better workforce. Together.

We know how to set your people up for success.

At Cushion, we help you maximize your most important advantage: people. 

High-performing teams share common purpose and common goals. Roles are clear, leadership is defined and consistent, processes are optimized, and the channels of communication are open and accepting. These elements are among the pillars upon which solid internal relationships are formed, high-potential employees are attracted, star performers are retained, and every team member – from the mailroom to the c-suite – is inspired.

Cushion helps you shape a culture where high performance is the standard – attracting, retaining, and inspiring what we call "happy high performers." 

Great teams don't just happen. They’re built.

Human Resource Management

Cushion provides Human Resources Management services that enable your organization to maximize resources and human investment. We assist with ensuring HR functions are strategically aligned with business goals, consistently administered, and in compliance with applicable laws.

Given that no two businesses – and no two people – are exactly alike, each solution we develop is custom-tailored to your company’s unique requirements. Regardless of the size of your enterprise – local, regional, national, international – as workplace culture, employment laws, technology, and trends evolve, we help you adapt and grow.

Our services help organizations build great teams:

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Strategies

Selection and On-Boarding

  • Teaming Assessment
  • Role Identification
  • Goal and Expectation Setting

Enriching Team Performance

  • Intuitive Processes and Systems
  • Relationship Building
  • Collaboration Toolkit


  • Measure and Assess Current HR Practices
  • Compare Current Employment Practice
  • Identify and Recommend Areas for Improvement
  • Implement Compliant Employment and Best HR Practices
  • Provide Ongoing Support (on and off site)


Benefit Programs Management

Cushion offers full-service consulting, designing, management, and administration of employee benefit programs. Our purpose is to assist in building strong and effective programs that attract and retain the talent you need to gain – and sustain – competitive advantage.


We heighten employee engagement by managing benefit programs as a service, not a product.

  • Dedicated Design and Service Teams
  • Employee Benefit Satisfaction Surveys and Focus Groups
  • Customized Employee Benefit Communications
  • Open Enrollment Support and Implementation
  • Benefits Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis
  • Benefits Administration Services
  • COBRA and Retiree Billing